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9th February



How Australian Celebrate their Christmas


Listen and read page 22

It’s Christmas day in Australia it’s very hot on Christmas.

Is it hot in France on Christmas day?

Hello I’m Kyle I live in Australia. Today it’s Christmas day

I’m swimming with my friends in the sea

Hello, I’m Peter I live in Scotland I’m making a snowman with

My friends on Christmas day. It’s very cold

Read and Circle : Children must answer YES or NO

It’s Christmas day in Australia

It’s hot in Scotland on Christmas day

Kylle is skiing with his friends

It’s hot in Australia on Christmas day




Review of the past lessons

What are your favorite animals?

Vocabulary : cow, pig, dog, cat, hen, monkey,

Elephant, giraffe, duck

What is your pet’s name?

What is your favorite pet?


Colors: What is your favorite colors

My favorite colors are …. Pink, blue, green

Red, grey, black, white, yellow,


What is your father’s name?

What is your mother’s name?

What is your brother’s name?

What is your sister’s name

GAME: Memory

Put all the pictures of the animals on the table

Children must able to name all the animal’s cards

As well as the different colors