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MONDAY GROUP 17hr Travel to

5 Different English-Speaking countries with Alice and Jeremy

17hr 18hr

Travel to

6 Continents

With Tim and Polly

Are you Ready?


Introducing the new method

Travelling to 5 English speaking countries (Canada, Republic of Ireland, England United States of America, Kenya)


Are you ready?

Alice and Jeremy lived in France their father is French and their mother is British, they speak English since they were small.

They will be travelling with their uncle Felix

Where ae we going?

Introducing the new method

Travelling to 5 continents

Europe, Asia, Afrika, Oceania, North America,

We will be travelling with Tim and Polly.

Tom and Polly live in London.  Their father is a business man Tim and Polly has got friends in 4 corners of the world.  It will be their first time to travel alone without their parents (Mr. and Mrs. Robertson).

esson 1 (Transport)

Are you Ready?

Objective: Listen to the dialogue between Alice, Jeremy and uncle Félix. 

Children must repeat the dialogue and repeat each word with the correct pronunciation.

Vocabulary: Train, plane, car, passport, ticket.

Activity: Listen and say the words

Match the pictures with the words

Lesson 1

(Places to visit in London)

Objective:  Use the verb TO BE (etre) and the present simple

Discover different monuments to visit in London .

London eye, big ben, house of the parliament, the Thames






Lesson 2 (Clothes)


Objective: Repeat the dialogues;



Jeremy: well now… book, game, ball. good! But where are my shoes?

Alice: I’ve got your shoes

Felix: Stop it children are you ready now?




Vocabulary:  book, ball, jumper, socks, game, shoes, etc.


Continuation of Lesson 1

Listen and repeat the dialogue

Tim: Dad it’s fun to be in the London eye

Polly: yes! Look at the cab it’s small

Tim: What’s that by the Thames?

Dad: You know Tim they are the house of parliament

London is beautiful I love it

Activity :  Write the words on the map

Complete the sentences

Paris is the capital of France

……. Is ….. of Italy

……… is ……. Of Great Britain


Continuation Lesson 2


Repeat the dialogue and the recent vocabulary they learned.



Tick what Jeremy puts in his bag

Fill in the labels with the words


Games:  Flashcards (Clothes)

Lesson 2

Where are we going Dad?

Objective:  Learn how to say

I’m going to…..

He/ She is going to …..

Listen and repeat to the dialogue

Tim: Dad where are we going.

Dad: You are going to the United States of America




Cut and paste

Objective: this activity will help kids to memorize and use the words they learned from the previous lesson

Color the Flags of the Trip (England, Ireland, Kenya, The USA , Canada )

Listen and complete the letter

We are going on a trip to …… and …. with uncle Félix.  Then to…. And finally, to the … and ….

Love Jeremy and Alice


Continuation of Lesson 2

Where are we going Dad?

Activity:  Listen and repeat after Tim and Polly

Where are we going Polly?

We are going to the United States of America


Tick yes or no

Example: India is in Asia  YES  Etc.….

Complete the crosswords

To find the missing country

Lesson 3

At Rose’s Bed and Breakfast

Objective:  to learn how to present themselves on different ways.


Listen and repeat the dialogue

Rose; Hello My name’s is Rose.  Welcome to St Ives.  What’s your name?

Jeremy:  I’m Jeremy I’m Alice

Felix: Good Afternoon

Rose; This is Tom my cat and this is Julius my dog



Listen and repeat

Complete the Sentences



Grammar verb TO BE

I’m going to London

You are going to London

He/she is going to London

They are going to London

Vocabulary Box

Continents: Europe, Africa, America, Oceania, Asia

Countries: Malta, India, New Zealand, USA, South Africa

Monuments to visit: London eye, London eye, house of Parliament, The thames

Draw different flags

Lesson 4 (Food)

At Rose’s Bed and Breakfast

Objective: Introduce different verbs example: drink, eat, etc.

Work on the pronunciation and comprehension.

Listen and repeat the dialogue

Between Rose, Alice and Jeremy.

Vocabulary: Tea, cake, sandwiches, milk, ice cream,


Let’s write


Dear cousin

We are in ……..with … the London eye.  It’s …..

Soon we are ……. On a long long trip to Malta, ….New Zealand, South Africa, and the …….. it will be fun.

Love Polly and Tim

Continuation Lesson 4

Activity:  Repeat Alice and Jeremy

Listen and circle the words

Fill in the blanks


Complete the dialogue using the words learned and make sure that the kids understand the difference between eat and drink.


Repeat again the dialogue and the words.

Lesson 3

A Sunny day in Valletta

Objective:  Must learn how to read the direction in the tourist map


Listen and repeat after Polly and Galea

Turn left/right

We go straight on

Draw a line on the map from Cathedral to Galea’s home

Complete the Sentences

Where are we going Polly? I … going to Grand Harbor




Cut the picture at the end of the book and paste to the corresponding place.

This activity will help kids to use the words and memorize all the vocabulary they learned from the past lesson.


Listen and repeat the dialogue

Polly:  Where are we going Galea?

Galea: We are going to the saint john’s cathedral.

Polly: So…first we turn right into Merchant’s Street

Galea: Yes, and then we turn left into Saint Joh Street

And then we go straight on

Ok here we go


Listen and complete the postcard

Hello mum and dad,

This is St I’ve.  It is nice!

Julius is the ……

*Tom is the ….

In England,

They… cakes

And tea ….

Love Jeremy

Lesson 4

A Sunny day in Valetta

Objective:  Lear how to say the different weather condition (sunny, rainy, cloudy, windy, hot, etc.)

It’s sunny/ it isn’t rainy

It’s warm/ it isn’t cold



Listen and repeat after Galea and Polly

The sun is shining and it’s warm