Play with teddy mars


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8th of March

Play with teddy

My favorite Season page 36

Vocabulary: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, cloud, duck, sun,

Santa clause, etc.

Activity: page 37

 I spy….. Draw a circle around the following words in each picture in

Page 36


Spring:  tree/sun/pink blossom

Summer:  Butterfly/duck/birds

Autumn:  orange leaves/clouds/fence

Winter:  stag/snow/Santa clause


12th of March (Monday group de 18-19h)

UNIT 4 Street Fun page 38

Activity : listen and look

Vocabulary: Sweet shop, toy shop, school, book shop, cinema, pet shop,

Conversation: Where is the pet shop? It’s behind/next to/opposite of sweet shop


Make street to your classroom

Play Danny’s computer game



15th of March

Play with teddy

Continuation ; My favorite season

Activity page 37

Cut out the page on page 93 and complete the sentences

I like summer because I can swim

I like summer I can eat ice cream

I like Autumn I can jump on the leaves



19th of March(Monday group de 18-19h)

Continuation (Fun Street) page 39

Make a paper street

Conversation : Where’s the school? It’s next to pet shop

Listen and arrange the paper street

There’s a book shop next to the pet shop

There’s a sweet shop behind the school

Write the names page 40

Complete the answers

Game Simon’s Says