Rentrée et travail du mois de septembre lundi 18-19h


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Monday Group 18-19    (Enjoy and Learn) 6 to 8



What’s your name?

How old are you?

What’s your favorite color?

What’s your favorite food?

Game: Mime Game

Song Happy and you know it


Vocabulary: Mother/Father/brother/sister/baby/grandmother/grandfather


My brother paul is funny

My sister Sue is Small

My mother is very pretty

My Father is really tall

I really love my sister Sue

And mom, and dad and Paul

But most of all I love my dog he’s the best of all


Continue with the Poem

 My brother Paul is funny

Who took the cookies from the cookie Jar?

Arthur took the cookie from the cookie jar?

Who me? yes you!

Not me! Then who?

Vocabulary: cookie, jar, me

 Unit 1 WEATHER (Cold and cloudy)

Vocabulary: cold, hot, cloudy, sunny, rainy, windy, snowy

Dialogue: What’s the weather like today? Today is cold and windy (weather Forecast)

Workbook page 2 Play a drama game

Cut out the card to use for the next meeting