school 4 kids semaine du 4 janvier


Désolé pas de photos pour le moment.

Play with Teddy (montessori)

Continue with memory games

Montessori pages 20 and 21

Cut out the 20 images on page 99 to 104

To make your own memory cards game

Review of the previous vocabulary about PETS and word bank (cute, smelly, noisy, cheeky, etc)

Enjoy and Learn STORYLAND

Ice cream dice game and role play

Children must create their own ice cream dice

They need scissors, glue and crayon) cut out from page 81

Conversation: Can I have strawberry ice cream please?

Must throw the ice cream dice (here you are/no Sorry)

Thank you!

Interview game:

When is your birthday? Children must answer

In January/March/April/etc.

PLAY AND SPEAK  Method story land

CLOTHES  Activity: page 16

Listen and color the picture 1 and 2


Picture 1: It’s hot! Danny is wearing Blue t shirt, yellow shorts and red shoes

Picture 2 It’s cold! Danny is wearing Black jacket, blue trousers and pink t shirts

Activity 2: Classify the clothes: clothes for cold and hot weather

Vocabulary: jacket t shirt, trousers, shorts, sweater, shoes, scarf, hat, skirt, tracksuit.

Conversation. I’m wearing Blue sweater, pink skirt and pink shoes

Are you wearing pink skirt? Yes I am! No, I’m not!