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The program Monday group  25, 29, January and 1 and 5 February 2021

 25 January

























01 February


Monday group 17-18hr


Activity: Montessori page 24 to 25

Bee produce honey but they have another mission that is even more important…. Bees pollinate plants


Bee: I live in beehive

Flower: I need the bee!

Animal: I need plant!

Little girl: I need plants and animals

We all need bees to survive

Workbook activity page 25 (Can you finish decorating the honey pot?

Funny short film of LITTLE BROWN BEAR

(Little brown bear wants a cake)

Dialogue of little brown bear/

I am hungry I want some cake


Monday group 17-18hr


This is the life cycle of the butterfly (page 26 and 27 Book Montessori)

Activity: Number the pictures in the correct order from 1 to 6

Write the correct English name under each picture 

Vocabulary: caterpillar, egg, butterfly

Short film Little brown bear (meet a friend)

Enjoy and Learn

(Activity January 29 2021 17 – 18hr)

Review RHYME School days routine

Workbook Story time page 26 and 27

Act out the song

Play the clapping game (What time is it? it’s 3 o’clock!)

Talk about the time

What time do you go to school?

I go home at 8:15 Am

 At what time do you have lunch?

 I have lunch at 12:30 pm

At what time do you go home?

I go home at 4:45 PM

Look and match the picture

Complete the sentence

Listen and show the time

(Activity : Friday 5th of February 2021 at 17hr)

Enjoy and Learn

Talk about your day

Activity on page 30

Make a digital clock (cut out from page 83 in order

To create their own digital clock

Listen and set the digital clock

Play with the digital clock

What time is it? It’s 7:15 PM

Activity on page 32

Read and match ex I get up at 7:15 AM

Do a group survey

Ask 3 persons about their daily school day routine

Example: What time do you get up?


Here are the program for Tuesday group 26th of January and 2nd of February

26th of January

Sing a song

This is the way I put on my shoes/t shirt/trousers/skirt/


To go to school in the morning

Activity: Workbook page 18

Make the clothes trick

Cut out from page 81

Dialogue: Play with the clothes trick

Put on your shorts and t shirts

Page 19Listen to the story of wool

Classify the clothes: Wool is from sheep woo is for cold weather

Cotton is from plant cotton is for hot weather


February 2021

02 February

Funny short film of LITTLE BROWN BEAR

(Little brown bear wants a cake)

Dialogue of little brown bear/

I am hungry I want some cake

Activity from the workbook page 20

Listen and circle

What are Ted and Molly’s favorite clothes?

Write about your favorite clothes

My favorite clothes are pants, t shirt, dress, skirt


Listen and number the different pictures

Design a t-shirt or sweater on page 21