semaines du 12 et 19 janvier


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Continue with CLOTHES

GAME: memory game of all the clothes vocabulary and the correct pronunciation of each word (coat, skirt, shirt, tracksuit, sweater, shoes,

Trousers, etc.

Activity: Draw and write page 17 (draw and color the clothes you are wearing today and write sentences.

Conversation: today I am wearing purple sweater, pink skirt and red shoes

Question and answer game: Are you wearing a white shirt/black coat, pink skirt?? Yes I am/no, I’m not

19th of January 2021
Activity: Fashion show

Children will present themselves

 (Hello Good afternoon!  I’m Alice, I’m 7,

I’m wearing Gray sweater, blue jeans,

and black shoes

Goodbye have a nice day

Conversation What is your favorite clothe?

I like skirt, dress, t shirt, jeans, etc

Groupe des petit (17hr)
What a lovely house!

Montessori page 22 and 23

Conversations: Where do you live? I live in…..


Vocabulary: farm, ocean, rainforest, savanna


Activity: Cut out the animals on pag 91 and stick in the correct habitat

Animals: pig, horse, giraffe, jellyfish, whale, lion, elephant, etc

Groupe des grands (18hr)
(note: Activity date 22nd of January 2021)


Sing a song

I get up at seven o’clock everyday

I go to school at 9 o’clock everyday

I have lunch at 12 o’clock everyday

I go back home at 4 o’clock PM

I go to bed at 8 o’clock PM


What time is it?

What time do you go to school?

What time you wake up every day?

What time do you go back home?

Activity: Talk about the time page 27 Workbook Storyland

Group des petits (17hr)
There are many different INSECTS

Activity: Creating their own memory cards cut out the twenty images on page 99 to 104 to make their ow memory cards.


Vocabulary:  wasp, butterfly, ant, ladybird, fly, bee, etc.


Game: Simons says give me the picture of butterfly/Bee/ant/ladybird/etc.


Group des grands (18hr)

Activity: Crosswords (workbook page 24)

Find the months of the year

Page 25 (Write a word for each letter in the circle and find the mystery words

Make a birthday calendar of the family

Conversation/ When is your mother’s/father’s/sister’s/brother’s birthday? My mother’s birthday is on April

Vocabulary: 12 moths of the year (January, Feb, March, April, etc.

Game. Who took the cookie from the cookie jar?